Objective Arts Named Finalist for AWS City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge

October 7, 2015

Chicago, IL –Chicago software company, Objective Arts, has been named a finalist for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge in the Partners in Innovation award category. The competition recognizes AWS Cloud-driven technology solutions that empower local and regional government to improve citizens’ lives.

Objective Arts’ nominated solution has helped improve communication and data-driven decision-making for over 2500 healthcare workers, social service providers and psychologists throughout some of the largest jurisdictions in California. These jurisdictions can truly measure appropriate level of care and outcomes for both government and private sector healthcare providers.  The Objective Arts solution creates a unique alignment between government and healthcare providers, enabling them to use the same measurements for one patient to ensure they are providing the most efficient, yet targeted service.

“We’re about enabling a real-time, analytically-driven response to citizens confronting some of the most challenging situations, and supporting the people that care for them,” said Objective Arts CEO, Steve Grant. “We start by supporting a small change – the ability to measure patient need, accurately. This ability to measure has far-reaching consequences. First, your team of clinicians benefit from reduced uncertainty. Second, we give you the analytics tools you need to turn that reduced uncertainty into better decisions, throughout your organization. Third, our algorithms then take things a step further: we focus human attention where it is most needed, using data to identify risks and outliers in real time.  Finally, we provide tools to measure outcomes along as many dimensions as the provider wishes.”

“I would like to extend my congratulations to the City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge finalists,” said Teresa Carlson, Vice President Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “This competition highlights the many ways that state, local, and regional governments are becoming hubs of technological innovation around the world. These finalists are a great example of how the cloud is delivering the next generation of citizen services and making the business of government more efficient.”

About Objective Arts

Founded in 2001, Objective Arts has provided the brainpower and know-how behind some of the Chicago Tech Scene’s fastest growing companies. More recently, Objective Arts has concentrated on creating a powerful plug-in analytic engine geared towards the health care market. The engine enables real-time execution of risk and level-of-care models of almost any type.

Learn more about the company at www.objectivearts.com or email info@objectivearts.com.

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