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The Best Interface is No Interface

The best interface is no interface: a machine just gives you what you want. Even the most efficient graphical interface designs creates friction for the user. This friction exists wherever there are clicks, typing or waiting required for a user to achieve their goal. There’s even friction created when you have to open or log in to an application to start using it – what was that password again? For busy executives even the act of using the best-designed applications can be both an annoyance and a time sink. But, until telepathy is a thing, you still have to tell a machine what you want. Thanks to Amazon Alexa, voice commands are opening up an entire new world of simplicity.

Objective Arts is on the leading edge of delivering business intelligence through the Alexa voice interface. From being selected as finalist for Amazon Web Services “City on a Cloud” innovation award to partnering closely with AWS for the past decade, Objective Arts is intimately familiar with the constantly evolving suite of AWS components. Objective Arts’ technology allows for the direct voice querying of live data from our applications.


You: “Alexa, is everything ok with the new accounts?”

Alexa: “There are 3 accounts that are held up in the approval process.The other 7 accounts are doing ok.”

You: “Alexa, Forward those three accounts to my email.”

Alexa: “I have forwarded the three account profiles to your email.”

You: “Alexa, what’s our risk situation this month?”

Alexa: “There are 18 on-time applications in progress, and 3 late applications representing a risk of $37,453.23”

You: “Alexa, notify the sales manager.”

Alexa: “I have notified the sales manager by text message.”

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