Data Crisis Management:
Our Consultants Will Stop the Bleeding & Put You on the Right Path.

Build a Data Strategy from the Ground-up

OA Provides technology advice on subjects ranging from high level architecture to low level technical Amazon AWS approaches. We review process, code, personnel, and organizational technical culture for our clients. Our engineers are veterans. We have worked on mission-critical systems for the CME, TransUnion, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and a number of proprietary trading systems.

Objective Arts looks at technology strategy with one fundamental question in mind: What are the threats from the lightning-speed change in the current tech world that could threaten your place in the market in ways that you may never foresee.

We work in an age where ten-person startups can get to market in months and sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. Legacy systems and strategies that are not under threat now will be. Our specialty is asking the questions that get at those threats and point you to the appropriate responses.

Amazon Web Services Technology Partner

Amazon, and specifically the Amazon Web Services Platform is driving change throughout the software world from infrastructure to enterprise software tools. Having an “AWS Story” is not optional for a technology business. Either you are actively using AWS or you have a clear understanding as to why AWS, and the incredible cost savings and flexibility it offers, are not a fit for your company. Objective Arts is proud to be an Amazon Technology Partner.

We Aggregate, Analyze and Visualize so that you can do what you do, better.

Sometimes you have to look at your data the right way, to see what matters

Objective Arts has a long track record of successful engagements in the healthcare and financial services industries. From stringent HIIPA security guidelines, to the massive scale required by today’s electronic trading engines, we know how to build for security, power and performance.

With the architectural problems out of the way, we can focus on the applied data science that actually delivers value to your organization: data needs to inform a decision or automate a process for it to be worth anything.

Software tools combined with Risk Assessment make for powerful and effective applications.

A patient or client who presents a specific combination of risk factors can generate a set of notifications forwarded to a predefined set of specialists. There can be any number of these paths attached to a virtually infinite combination of patient factors with an equally wide variety of resulting actions depending on the scenario. Every patient can be risk-stratified across numerical and logical criteria. Plans can be generated from assessment tools. Workflows can be started based on user-defined, condition-specific criteria.

Typical Use Cases

  • Patient classification on financial and treatment risk
  • Workload Distribution
  • Fraud Detection
  • Experiments
  • Alerting on High Risk Cases
  • Outcome Measurement
  • Case Complexity Definition

From identifying outliers that signify risk, to comparing patient needs in the aggregate to minimize over-treatment, Objective Arts has the data science expertise needed to draw actual business value from your data. We specialize in providing immediate answers: No waiting overnight, no parsing of “big data” to come up with a solution. Algorithms are always available for advice and can be recalculated for individual cases on the fly.