Objective Arts use the skills it has developed in building its own products to help other firms faced with challenges in product development. We offer everything from due diligence and architectural reviews to project rescue. We work with many different constituencies:

Startups and Private Equity Funded Technology Companies

Often times fast growing firms run into roadblocks in delivering on their technology roadmap. OA can offer these firms advisory services but also roll up our sleeves to make sure a deadline or product delivery date is met. Feel free to contact us to talk to our reference clients.

Consulting Firms

Sometimes consultancies need an extra A-Team to get a job done. We can jumpstart a team, advise, or train to help get a large team past a road block.

CTO Advisory

OA provides “right hand” services to CTOs either new in their job or who need another set of eyes and ears to make sure their tech teams stay on target.


We help investors with due diligence, hiring CTOs, building teams and building understanding of the technical underpinnings of the companies they invest in.

Innovation Consulting

It seems today that every business is trying to avoid its “Amazon Moment.” We help traditional businesses understand the threats that platform companies and startups pose to their traditional business models and suggest responses to those threats.