Illinois nursing homes serving the Medicaid population have struggled to achieve full reimbursement. Moving clients from “Medicaid Payment Pending” to “Paid” requires that Nursing Homes display mastery over sometimes arcane government processes. The Objective Arts platform imposes that process control, facilitating smooth cooperation between SNF and state Medicaid regulators.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate the Illinois Medicaid eligibility process where possible (form 3654)
  • Reduce or eliminate “Medicaid Payment Pending” uncertainty
  • Ensure government deadlines are met
  • Quick Installation (no system integration required)

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Say “goodbye” to Medicaid Payment Pending Problems

Nursing home employees can’t be familiar with the ins and outs of the government medicaid bureaucracy. Unfortunately, this lack of familiarity breeds confusion, delays, and expensive losses from applications that seemingly disappear. The Objective Arts platform brings clarity and control to this process, so that nursing homes can increase their Medicaid reimbursements. 

Best Practice, Not Folk Wisdom

We’ve developed the best practices for navigating the Illinois medicaid bureaucracy, by learning directly from the state of Illinois Medicaid professionals who process these applications. Our software platform will guide your employees through that process, streamlining and automating the various steps along the way. No longer will employees have to rely on guesswork or anecdotes – we show them the optimal path and enforce it.

Aggregate, Analyze, Visualize

When the process is streamlined and controlled through software, aggregate data can be available to help guide executive decisions. Our platform provides visibility on the effectiveness of staff at completing the process in timely fashion. Furthermore, the platform provides aggregated metrics at the facility or organizational level. View your client applications in progress in one place, instead of trying to merge separate spreadsheets.

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