The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services acknowledges that “availability of health IT that can be used in beneficiary management across care settings may pose a significant barrier to the readiness of non-hospital providers and suppliers to assume financial responsibility for episodes in potential future episode payment models.”   Why not remove that barrier?

Key Benefits

  • Any data collection protocol, API or GUI
  • Run any scoring algorithm against those protocols
  • Broadcast alerts, reports and dashboards to hospital awardees
  • Full API for interoperability with EHRs
  • Full HIPAA and Virtual Data Security Support

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Shared Bundles Require a New Technology Approach

Nursing Home operators are facing a brand new world driven by the bundled payment initiatives from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.  Acquiring patients and serving the “awardee” hospital that has financial responsibility for those patients will require new skills and new tools.

APIs can Facilitate Interoperability and Data Visibility Between Organizations

The Objective Arts proposition for the skilled nursing world is not to wait but to lead.  Our platform provides any nursing facility with a secure API that will enable any hospital system to understand a patients current status and their history in the facility.  Objective Arts software has been episode-based since its inception in 2010.  What this means is that any skilled nursing facility can track any data on its patients, compute risk algorithms behind the scenes, and generate hospital specific reports on a daily basis.

Providers Have to be Better Bundle Partners

The OA Platform enables a nursing facility not only to compete on the quality of their care but on their ability to facilitate visibility into an awardee’s patients residing at their facilities.