Some of the largest behavioral healthcare jurisdictions in the country are moving towards value-based care thanks to Objective Art’s implementation of the CANS (Childhood and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment). We’ve saved them tens of millions of dollars, and would love to have the opportunity to provide those savings to your healthcare network. Contact us today to get started.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate the CANS
  • Measure client needs and outcomes
  • Compare provider performance
  • Quick Installation (no system integration required)
  • Architected for HIPAA Compliance

Fully Featured for Payer, Provider and Clinician

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How do you measure healthcare value?

Measuring value is hard, especially in healthcare. Pay-for-performance plans often fall short of delivering, because of this difficulty – indeed, such plans often turn into pay-for-volume which is at best counterproductive. And yet, all players acknowledge that the healthcare industry is shifting towards pay-for-performance. What are payers and providers to do?

Create a common language

BHAP starts by taking a widely-adopted numerical treatment protocol,such as the CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths). The CANS is adopted world-wide as tool for driving individual patient outcomes and rationalizing cost. The CANS created a common language for clinicians to discuss the behavioral health needs of individual patients.

Aggregate, Analyze, Visualize

BHAP takes that best-practice clinical language, and makes it available to the entire healthcare network. Indeed, when extended through software aggregation, analysis, and visualization, a whole host of benefits are available for payers and providers alike:

  • Predict risk, identify data outliers that drive the highest costs
  • Use aggregate results to gauge the effectiveness of treatment
  • Compare results between different healthcare providers
  • Limit over- and under-treatment by comparing clients to aggregate patient populations

Make Sure Answers Drive Actions

Objective Arts Predigo technology is an integral part of the BHAP. Healthcare is a high-volume industry where tolerance for error is low. Predigo’s checklist and notification system offer proven, best-practice communication tools to ensure that our analytic insights become real-time actions.

Enjoy Cost-Savings

BHAP produces more informed human decisions throughout the healthcare network. The cost savings of these decisions can be individually enormous, and completely game changing viewed as a whole. Some of the largest behavioral healthcare jurisdictions in the country are already starting to see multimillion dollar yearly returns from our software.

Objective Arts partners with numerous forward-thinking behavioral healthcare organizations at the county level and above. Contact us today and start making pay-for-performance a reality.