Key Benefits

  • Data Insight Generator
  • More cost effective than Tableau
  • Integrates with AWS architecture
  • Simple but powerful

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Identify critical insights by visualizing and exploring live data

 Amazon Web Services has rolled out a new data visualization tool to compete with the likes of Tableau. In addition to being vastly more cost efficient, Quicksight also offers simple integration with data projects hosted on AWS. As a partner of AWS, Objective Arts participated in the early developer trials of Quicksight. Objective Arts offers Quicksight services through a consultant-assisted  approach: We’ll help you to identify the crucial trends in your data, and train your data science staff in using the tool.

Operationalizing Insights

For data insights to be meaningful, they have to be put into action. Objective Arts calls this “operationalizing”. On one end of the spectrum, this operationalizing can consist of timed or triggered reports to leadership; at the other end, it can be simple alerts, reminders or data input rules at the front line of your organization. Objective Arts Predigo is our platform for operationalizing models and data insights into action across your organization.

Data Exploration

Insights and models are the inputs into our Predigo software. AWS Quicksight is an ideal tool to develop those insights. Quicksight’s speed and ease of use lets you browse your data for questions that stick out. The tool points you towards the right questions to ask – why is this happening? And helps you hypothesize as to possible solutions. Sometimes those questions can lead to larger research initiatives, but more often they lead to simple and direct insights that Objective Arts can put into action for you through our larger platform.