Value-based care requires stratification technology that succeeds in areas where healthcare software has traditionally struggled – such as speed, flexibility and interoperability. Objective Arts starts with the most knowledgable domain experts. We turn their risk models into software algorithms. Our platform delivers those algorithms to the front lines of your organization with highly interoperable APIs.  Contact us today to get started.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly turn expert risk models into algorithms
  • Scale those algorithms accross your organization
  • Interoperability through APIs: work with legacy systems / any EHR
  • Population Health-style analytics
  • Adapt fast to changing regulatory landscape

Risk Management is Central to Value-Based Health Care

Risk stratification is a core process in the new health care world. Accountable Care Organizations, Value-Based Care, Bundled Payments all depend on stratification. But stratification has no value on its own. An organization must be able to manage the results of the stratification process to make it work.

Flexibility and Interoperability are Key

Risk stratification is essentially a prediction about a patient on a given risk dimension. For example, what is the risk a particular patient will need non medical social assistance to assure success following a knee or hip replacement? The possible stratifications are virtually endless but they all are critical if a provider is going to optimize the cost of care vis a vis the desired outcome.   The OA platform is not dependent on any EHR data model and can be extended to non traditional risk measures that may be key for the desired outcome.

“Loopback” for Real-Time Analytics

The OA model for risk prediction connects the model developer with data being generated in the field.  Your risk predictions can be continually refined as new information is gleaned from your particular data scenario in a “loopback” cycle.  We are only interested in models where the person behind the model wants to support the community in this kind of cycle.