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Why Should Fintech meet Healthcare?

Objective Arts has written a lot of software over the years. One thing we have noticed is that different industries create very different kinds of software and value different things. A proprietary trading shop and a health care product have very different code bases. The nature of speed and accuracy as it is reflected in private sector financial software is just very different from what you might find in the social service sector. The premise of our work is that health care and social services can learn a lot from Fintech. The need for speed and the competitiveness of the financial world can inform the way we approach building technology to serve our neediest citizens. For example we think Quicken Loans can tell us a lot about how we might do better job with Medicaid eligibility. We think the way financial exchanges work can tell us how we might create better healthcare software that enables providers and government to serve people more effectively and be more efficient stewards of taxpayer dollars. We think bitcoin and blockchain offer some surprisingly simple ways to improve trust in the public sector. We believe the convergence of financial software and healthcare technology is inevitable - and will be for the good.

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