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Our platforms use financial industry concepts to improve Healthcare  

The OA Behavioral Health Analytics Platform(BHAP) uses concepts from  financial exchanges, where a common data standard is fundamental to efficient operation - not 100 different formats for 100 different electronic health record systems.  Systems that rely on standards enable data to be shared and compared seamlessly.

Prefix Health attacks churns and disenrollment issues across the health insurance product spectrum.  We offer a reimagining of Medicaid eligibility determination - as if every dollar matters but where every citizen that qualifies is always covered.  We use the core models and recent advances in the credit industry to improve speed and accuracy by 100X.   


The OA Behavioral Health Analytics Platform (BHAP) guides clinicians yet provides powerful reporting 

and in some cases our customers use as many as 12 or 13 different standard protocols to describe and work with their patients. By using standards, everything is comparable, communication is seamless, yet clinicians maintain the freedom to marry standards with description.

BHAP runs on standards

Standards create powerful reporting and analytics

at the individual level and across hundreds of organizations.  This is why some of the largest jurisdictions in the country use our software for its analytic capability.

Prefix Health Technologies attacks churn, disenrollment and ensures program integrity

Ensure Accuracy and Engage Members

Prefix uses a Fintech approach for Medicaid to create greater accuracy while also being more responsive to Medicaid recipients

Predict and Reduce Churn and Disenrollment

Prefix treats the insurance relationship not only as part of a person's healthcare, but as critical to their financial well being - keeping people on the right insurance without breaks in coverage

Create Trust and Benefits for Everyone

Prefix uses Blockchain technology to create trust that has been unachievable with current technologies. Prefix can thus create trust between parties who have traditionally been unable to work together on core use cases  - that can now be a win-win

Coming Soon

Prefix Evolve is a configurable experimentation engine that enables organizations to operationalize what they learn from experiments and machine learning.  Organizations will use Evolve to implement workflows and export the data from those workflows to machine learning and analytic tools.  Then Evolve will feed the results of those analyses back to the workflows to tune and improve operations at scale.  

Objective Arts does Amazon Web Services (AWS).  OA has been on AWS for over ten years - well before the Cloud was fashionable or nearly as commonly used as it is today.  Our knowledge of AWS and Cloud tech is deep and we are always happy to talk about our journey with AWS.


Engineers working to improve Healthcare

Steve Grant
Founder & President
Davide Bonicelli
Chief Technical Officer, Prefix
Matt Deceunynck
Chief Technical Officer, BHAP
Shreyas Shah
Chief Operating Officer
Logan Courtney
Chief Data Scientist
Ben Ebert
Sr. Software Engineer
Rob Freas
Sr. Software Engineer
Andy Faibishenko
Sr. Software Engineer
Wade Courtney
Sr. Software Engineer
Jeremy Kahan
QA Engineer
Juliet Barretto
Office Director
Devin Gross

Advisory Board Chair

Former CEO Emmi Solutions, 

CEO Sonar MD

Andy Bokor

Member, Advisory Board

Co-Founder Truss, Co-Founder TrustWave

Greg Orlowski

Member, Advisory Board

Co-Founder Deliveroo, Co-Founder Peanut

Vijay Menon

Member, Advisory Board

Sr. Software Engineer,

Google Inc.



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