We are revolutionizing Behavioral Health Care Technology

Our platform uses financial industry concepts to improve Behavioral Health  


The OA Behavioral Health Analytics Platform(BHAP) uses concepts from  financial exchanges, where a common data standard is fundamental to efficient operation - not one hundred different formats for one hundred different electronic health record systems.  Systems that rely on standards enable data to be shared and compared seamlessly.


The OA Behavioral Health Analytics Platform (BHAP) guides clinicians yet provides powerful reporting 

and in some cases our customers use as many as 12 or 13 different standard protocols to describe and work with their patients. By using standards, everything is comparable, communication is seamless, yet clinicians maintain the freedom to marry standards with description.

BHAP runs on standards

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Standards create powerful reporting and analytics

at the individual level and across hundreds of organizations.  This is why some of the largest jurisdictions in the country use our software for its analytic capability.

BHAP Builds Powerful Reports and Dashboards

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BHAP is built for reporting ease

BHAP's core design principle is that reporting should be easy yet effective.  Therefore, literally any dimension of the system's data can be reported on at the individual, team, organization and county level - out of the box.

Reporting is "hands-free"

BHAP comes preloaded with hundreds of reports that once configured are delivered to a user at any level through a secure link in their inbox - with their and only their data.  Yet thousands of others can see the same report - yet just for the subset of data they have permission to see.

Everything is apples to apples

BHAP uses the fundamental concept of financial exchanges, that the data standard upon which data is collected and shared must be identical.  This is reflected in our reporting - where everything can be compared through the same core measures.

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Our platform integrates with any EHR 

Behavioral Health Analytics Platform (BHAP) uses the fundamental concept of financial exchanges, that the data standard upon which data is collected and shared must be identical - not 100 different formats for 100 different electronic health record systems.  In our current EHR world, every trading partner could and often does describe a trade with different data, rendering the integration process inefficient. Using our approach, with its standard data formats and integration mechanism, eliminates that problem.  The advantage to this approach is that integration with EHRs is seamless and low effort.

What our clients say

Private Agency Executive

Objective Arts not only does well at providing us a data hosting and analysis platform, they are also incredibly responsive, open to feedback, and generally a delight to work with.

Government Program Manager

Very user friendly and fits with our data needs. Provides a common language for all the different systems we work with. The developers have been extremely responsive to our requests and needs. Thanks!

State Partner

OA has been an essential partner in the work we are doing for the IL Department of Children and Family Services. They have provided outstanding technology solutions and support, and are much more nimble than state government IT. 


A few of our clients



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Steve Grant
Founder & President
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Chief Technical Officer
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Director of Technology, BHAP
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Sr. Software Engineer
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Consulting Software Engineer
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CEO-Prefix, LLC

Objective Arts does Amazon Web Services (AWS).  OA has been on AWS for over ten years - well before the Cloud was fashionable or nearly as commonly used as it is today.  Our knowledge of AWS and Cloud tech is deep and we are always happy to talk about our journey with AWS.

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